Hi! Im Josie mama!

handcrafting the bandanas, collars, and accessories in sunny Singapore for your furbabies!

At Josiemamasews, we specialise in water-resistant fabric and work with local illustrators in Singapore so that you get exclusive unique prints :) #supportlocal

My rescued furbabies are Josie & Jellie Bean, they inspire me!

We want to do more to help the animals, so for every order, we will giveback to shelters in Singapore.♥

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Papilionanthe Orchid

This print is inspired by our National Flower, Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim, created by Miss Agnes Joaquim in 1893, marking Singapore’s first orchid hybrid!

It represents resilience, hardiness and free-flowering nature.

josiemamasews x oatcrafts

Birds of Singapore

Featuring the Crimson Sunbird, Kingfisher and Oriole!

Did you know? The Crimson Sunbird was crowned the National Bird of Singapore in 2015!

josiemamasews x oatcrafts

Our Garden City

Singapore, a city with abundant greenery and open spaces.

We share our city with community animals, wildlife, and nature.

Design Your Reversible Bandana!

Select two prints and personalise your furbaby bandana with their name. You can even choose your own font design & color!

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