Product Care

Gently wash and lightly scrub with a brush in the event of dirt / stain on the fabric.

The water-resistant fabric is able to resist penetration of water for a short period of time, but please avoid soaking for prolonged period.

Should you have any questions about how to use the products, do reach out to us and we are happy to share more details! We will not be liable for any accidents arising from the incorrect usage of products.

We use solid brass / plated brass hardware for our products, as brass is more durable and able to withstand corrosion. Brass will patina over time but you can clean it easily with baking soda. 

Duraflex plastic hardware are lightweight and fuss free too! They are military grade and definitely suitable for our strong doggos. 

Our zinc alloy hardware are electroplated multiple times to ensure durability. It is slightly lighter than the solid brass hardware. Overtime the plating would fade due to usage. 

In the unlikely event that there is a fault in hardware which is not caused by wear and tear, we will replace it for you FOC wherever possible. We seek your understanding that not all components can be replaced given the nature of the products. 

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any queries!


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