Our Story

Hi! I'm known as Josie mama! My rescued babies are Josie & Jellie Bean! @josietherescued 
We adopted Josie from SOSD Singapore in 2018 and in 2020,  we adopted our cat Jellie bean :)
Josie is the inspiration behind this sewing project that we started in 2020.
She loves to play, especially rolling in the mud and any accessories we’d use would get stained and ruined.
Decided to test and research several fabrics for a year and finally we launched our water-resistant series!

From bandana to collar, they are handmade by myself once your order is received. Slow Made with love, please do expect a processing time of 4 weeks.



After adopting Josie, she opened my eyes to the plight of the local strays situation in Singapore and the stigma that carried with them as well. We wanted to do more to help.
We aim to create awareness for our Singapore Specials and the local shelters too.

In 2021 we started to focus on our Yellow Dog Movement ranging from message tags to in house designed bandanas and collars.
The Yellow Dog Project is founded by trainer Tara Palardy in Canada, to
create awareness that not all dogs are the same and they would appreciate that others could offer them the space needed.

By putting up a bright yellow bandana/tag/leash, the yellow dog movement hope to advocate for our dogs and prevent unwanted situation happening.

Your kindness means a lot to the animals out there alone. With every item sold, we donate part of our proceeds to the shelters in Singapore.

Thank you again for your support on this journey with us :)

 #rescuesareaweome !

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