Our Story

Hi! I'm Josie mama! I adopted my rescue dog, Josie (@josietherescued), from SOSD Singapore.
She’s the inspiration behind all of this! I also have a rescue cat, Jellie bean :)

Josie has taught me a lot about caring for a #Singaporespecial. The training involved, how playful and smart they are! Just like any other dog :) But also, the breed and colour discrimination these Singapore Specials endure.

Josie really loves to play and run around, especially rolling in the mud and any accessories we’d use would get stained and ruined. 

Which made me think, shouldn’t they be play-proof and water-resistant?
I researched and tested several water-resistant fabrics for a year and finally, JosieMamaSews is born!

We’re not just gorgeous, water-resistant pet accessories, we’re also representing rescue. Josie opened my eyes to the plight of the Singapore Specials. While Jellie bean tells a story of pet abandonment and backyard breeders.

Our rescues and feeders are in dire need of support.
Therefore we strive to create awareness for our fellow furry friends and part of our proceeds will help to raise funds for the shelters and rescuers in Singapore.


 #rescuesareaweome !

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